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We are excited to unveil our official event logo, a symbol that beautifully weaves together the intricate patterns of the melioidosis microbe with the rich tapestry of Aboriginal artwork.


The centre of the artwork emphasises the meeting place of the 2024 World Melioidosis Congress. The shapes surrounding this meeting place show the diverse representation of people uniting in the shared pursuit of knowledge.


The lines connecting to the meeting place represent the various paths travelled from different corners of the world, converging upon Darwin, Australia. The symbols within these lines represent different aspects of melioidosis identification and research; microscopy, Burkholderia pseudomallei growth on agar plates, and the forward and reverse TTS1 PCR primers across the centre.

WMC 2024 Logo
About the artist
Jayde Hopkins
The Ramaciotti Regional and Remote Health Sciences Training Centre - Menzies

Jayde Hopkins is a proud Gurindji and Woolwonga woman from Darwin who has recently completed her undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences. She is fascinated by microbiology and genetics and hopes to become an infectious disease researcher.

Jayde combines her passion for science with her talent for art. Her other commissioned projects at Menzies School of Health Research include creating a series of artworks exploring the theme of scientific discovery, along with contributing her artistic touch to various other scientific studies and events.

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